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Make it the financial industry norm for banks to create and publish guidelines for doing business with gun industry clients.

Facilitate an exodus of clients from banks with nonexistent or unacceptable policies.


  • Use social media and national media public pressure to force banks to publicly declare their policies going forward regarding existing and future lending and business relationships with gun industry clients.
  • Create too much attention and interest for banks to remain silent on the issue.
  • Impose too high of a social and reputation cost for the banks to continue doing business with the gun industry without appropriate associated safety policies.
  • Mobilize the people that care about gun safety to take organized, coordinated actions – social media sharing – that wield the power of the collective.
  • Use economic leverage to create specific and tangible results.
  • Encourage people to align their patronage with their values.
  • Recruit and organize a network of strategic partners to help deliver the message, create content, and expand viral sharing of the campaign.
  • Use the immediacy of the March for Our Lives, The Road to Change, and the national school walkouts, along with the urgency of the Remington bankruptcy to energize and inspire sufficient action to elicit a positive response from the banks.

Parkland student survivors fill the bleachers behind the stage at the March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the creator of #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks.

Prospective Strategic Partners

Parkland Parents

We hope Parkland victim parents will see this as ideal campaign to support and champion.

Inspired by the children’s lead in taking action, this is one way that all of the adults can take specific individual actions that lead to a tangible collective result.

While the children can share the #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks campaign, it’s up to the adults to actually alter their relationships with the banks.

Parkland Students

The creation of this campaign is a direct result of the #NeverAgain and the March for Our Lives efforts of the Parkland students. 

We hope that the Parkland students will see this campaign as a golden opportunity to make the inroads into gun safety that they seek, and will support the campaign’s visibility and expansion.

All Students

The Parkland students have shouldered a great load during a very difficult time.  What they have shown is what a small group of dedicated students are capable of.  There are other small groups of dedicated students around the country that have the capability to lead massive campaigns on their own.  It would make a strong statement to students everywhere, and the population as a whole, if a different group of students chose to take the lead on this campaign and blow it up.

While the creator of the campaign is an adult, he recognizes that the power of the students’ voices are far stronger than any adults right now because adults, as a whole, have lost credibility in their ability to keep society safe.  The children have the unique perspective to be able to say, “You say you love us.  You say you want to keep us safe.  We call BS.  Either do what you need to do to make that happen, or stop lying to us, and stop lying to yourselves.”

National Gun Safety Organizations

We seek the support and participation of the national organizations that have been expanding gun safety for years, like Everytown for Gun Safety, Mom’s Demand Action, the Brady Campaign for Gun Safety, the Giffords organization, etc.  There are many different ways that these organizations can help empower and expand this campaign, and we hope they choose to do so.

We also seek the support of new and lesser known organizations that have been created in response to the shootings in Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Parkland, etc.


We invite the support and participation of local, state, and national legislators and candidates.  This is an ideal opportunity for those that seek to lead us legislatively to demonstrate their willingness and ability to use their reach and influence help lead a populist movement to make our society safer.  It also gives those leaders an opportunity to go beyond simply saying that they will vote for gun safety legislation, and actually put their power and influence behind making a difference now.

Advocacy Organizations

We seek the support and participation of local and national organizations, like the Women’s March and the NAACP, that have an interest in gun safety and the effects on society as part of its mission.  These organizations have the opportunity to make significant contributions to the speed with which this campaign virally expands and garners national media attention.

Leaders and Influencers

We call upon all leaders and influencers who have an interest in gun safety, and the effects of gun violence on our society to lend their voices, post videos, share on social media, and use their influence to bring attention to this issue and this #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks campaign as an effective way to leverage our economic power to create positive change.

Concerned Community Members

We need concerned community members to join their voices into a powerful chorus that the banks cannot ignore.  We have seen the hundreds of thousands of people that have marched, and expressed their outrage, and we now need to channel that energy into specific actions – social media sharing and contributions to the campaign – to create tangible results.

The speed and scope with which we can not only expand our social media efforts, but especially expand our public relations efforts, reaching out to different media outlets, encouraging them to cover the story of this campaign and our gun safety movement, is directly dependent upon how many people show up to raise their hand to support our efforts on a higher level.  Please review the ways you can contribute your time, talents, connections, and finances towards expanding our campaign and creating results that make a real difference.

Business Sponsors

Just as we seek the support of all individuals who feel strongly about this issue, we welcome the support of all businesses that cannot stand on the sidelines as idle observers as nearly 100 people are killed by gun violence every day in the United States.

If your business wants to be a part of the solution, please contact us about ways to leverage your community influence, leadership, or financial support to help expand our efforts and create results that make a difference. 


Recognizing that the scope of all efforts are always limited by financial resources, and desiring to expand the scope of these efforts sufficiently to achieve the desired results, we welcome and greatly appreciate any financial support that you can offer to help hold these banks accountable, and create a safer society. 

Your donation will support one or more of the following:

  • campaign development
  • graphic design
  • copywriting
  • website development
  • social media marketing
  • photography
  • video production
  • media relations
  • communications
  • campaign management

The March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the creator of #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks.

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