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Owning Your Power

What is your role in all of this?

Since you’ve made it here, you’re clearly more than an observer. 

Are you a leader?  A manager?
A financial supporter?  A volunteer?

What are you willing to contribute to achieve the outcome you seek?

Your time?  Talents?  Connections?  Finances?

March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida. Photo taken by the founder of Action for Gun Safety.

Pooling our Resources

In the face of tremendous resources opposing what we seek (in the 2018 election cycle so far, gun rights groups, including the NRA, have outspent the competition more than 40 to 1), we have to start showing up and getting in the game.

That means that every one of us that cares enough to want a certain outcome has to be willing to contribute something of value towards achieving that outcome.  We know we can’t get something for nothing – especially in the face of such overwhelming opposition.

Fortunately, there are enough of us that want gun safety to actually achieve it if we pool our resources and allocate them effectively. 

Here are some of the strategic and effective ways that we’re currently applying resources towards achieving Gun Safety:

  • Action for Gun Safety website
  • Council for Gun Safety initiative
  • Guns+Safety campaign
  • #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks campaign
  • #VoteBloodMoneyOut campaign
  • #DivestBloodMoneyAssets campaign
  • Campaigns for Gun Safety initiative

Your donation will provide critical support to one or more of the aspects of our efforts:

  • Developing strategies
  • Creating campaigns
  • Organizing leaders
  • Securing financing
  • Managing resources
  • Utilizing technologies
  • Publishing stories
  • Developing websites
  • Producing videos

March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida. Photo taken by the founder of Action for Gun Safety.

Please Stretch Yourself

Please give something that would be a stretch for you financially because there is a lot that needs to be done that requires finances.

Note:  Donations submitted via this page are NOT tax deductible.  We believe we can be more effective in creating the outcomes we seek by forming Uniting for Action LLC, the creator of the Action for Gun Safety initiative, as a charitable for-profit, as we work on developing multiple profitable business initiatives, such as organizational consulting and media production services, in order to devote substantially more financial resources towards Gun Safety than we could through donations alone.  If you require a tax deduction, please contact us at

Your payment information will be processed securely via PayPal.  We have implemented Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) on the entire Action for Gun Safety website to protect your data.  We don’t share your data outside our organization, as described in our Privacy Policy

If you’d prefer to send a check, you can make the check out to Uniting for Action and mail it to P.O. Box 260351 Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

Donation Information

I would like to make a donation in the amount of:


I would like this donation to automatically repeat each month

Donor Information

First Name:
Last Name:

A student leaves a flower for her dead friend in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the founder of Action for Gun Safety.

Marshaling our Resources

After you’ve given something that is a stretch financially, consider the additional ways you can apply your resources to the outcomes we seek. 


  • Your Time
    Email us at to let us know, on average, how much time you can offer per day or per week, and we’ll send you supportive tasks that can be managed wherever you are whenever you’re available.


  • Your Talents
    Email us at to let us know what special skills or experience that you have that could be relevant to our efforts so that you can help us expand our results in important areas.


  • Your Connections
    We all know other people that could make a difference if they chose to apply their resources to our common cause. You can significantly multiply your impact by not only contributing your own time, talents, and finances, but also by encouraging and enrolling other people you know to do the same. This could be as simple as sharing our efforts on your social media accounts along with your heartfelt messages, to personally reaching out to the CEO’s, celebrities, politicians, civic leaders, and influencers that you’re connected with that you know could make a difference.  When you connect with them, create opportunities for their involvement in such inspiring ways that they are compelled to join us in action.  Email us at for support.


It’s time for all hands on deck!

Let’s plug you into this larger collective effort, fully utilizing the greatness you have to offer, tapping into that unlimited divine potential that is unleashed when you’re aligning your actions with your highest purpose!

We greatly honor and appreciate you for answering the call in this time of need!

March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida. Photo taken by the founder of Action for Gun Safety.

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