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An Online Call to Action

#LeaveBloodMoneyBanks has been designed to be an online call to action, carrying the momentum of the marches and the walkouts into a social media and traditional media campaign that provides an outlet for the gun safety advocates and activists to take positive, collective action for gun safety that creates tangible results – making society safer.

Parkland student survivors fill the bleachers behind the stage at the March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the creator of #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks

Leveraging Collective Power

The #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks campaign is focused on providing simple actions that everyone can take – sharing on social media and leveraging our collective economic power – leading to the national media coverage that can pressure the banks to adopt and announce new Gun Safety Codes of Conduct.

A successful campaign, motivating the bank creditor/owners of the Remington family of gun companies to adopt a Gun Safety Code of Conduct as a contractual pre-condition for the sale of the Remington Outdoor Company would completely transform the gun industry in America overnight.

March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida. Photo taken by the founder of #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks.

Uniting for Action || Action for Gun Safety

#LeaveBloodMoneyBanks is an Action for Gun Safety campaign.  Action for Gun Safety is a Uniting for Action initiative.

Uniting for Action believes that all our societal challenges, including gun safety, can be properly and effectively addressed by better organizing and aligning our resources with our challenges.

In order to create results on a societal level, we must take massive coordinated, collective actions in alignment with what we say is important to us.

Through Action for Gun Safety, Uniting for Action is working behind the scenes with organizations and leaders to create and coordinate strategies, organize and manage resources, and deliver and deploy technologies and campaigns to scale our solutions to adequately and effectively address our most challenging societal issues.

March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida. Photo taken by the founder of #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks.

Tapping Into our Visceral Emotions

We’ve intentionally chosen the repulsive imagery of “blood money banks” to tap into the visceral emotion that the Parkland students have displayed, the national student walkouts have held, and the March for Our Lives embodied, but which is difficult to maintain outside of these momentary, powerful, in-person experiences.

We want people to reconnect with that visceral outrage around the #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks campaign.  That’s why this website is full of photos, taken by the founder of the #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks campaign, from the March for Our Lives that was held in Parkland, Florida.

As you look at the faces and the signs in the photos on this website, they are not those of people who conceptually oppose the idea of gun violence, they are the students that ran for their lives or hid in their classrooms, the family members that lost their children, and the friends, classmates, and neighbors deeply affected by what happened in Parkland.

Our intention is to tap into the disgust for what continues to be the status quo, the distain for the issue avoidance by our congress, and the outrage that makes you want to shout, and take action. 

A student leaves a flower for her dead friend in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the creator of #LeaveBloodMoneyBanks.

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